Meet Kiley

I've always loved spending time in the kitchen, cooking up good food - but for some reason I've never been able to follow a recipe exactly as it calls for. I always am trying to make it "healthier" - whether it's using natural sweeteners as opposed to processed sugar or adding in veggies without changing the taste. I've learned that I feel my best when I eat really good, clean, real, nutritious food. I'm always checking out nutrition labels on food at the grocery store and am often disappointed to see how many foods - even seemingly healthy ones - add so many unnecessary extra ingredients like sugar, preservatives, oils, and other cheap fillers.


After years of playing around in the kitchen, always determined to make delicious food, healthy food, I started getting requests from others asking if I could make them various food orders, and from this, The Cutler Kitchen was born.

The Cutler Kitchen is currently a home based bakery located in Des Moines. We are state inspected and approved as a licensed home bakery. Focused on clean, healthy, delicious foods with total transparency of what's inside everything we make, The Cutler Kitchen prides itself on keeping everything free of refined sugar and flour. 


Find us locally in Des Moines at Horizon Line Coffee and Brightside Kitchen.

The Cutler Kitchen


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The Cutler Kitchen offers clean, healthy, delicious foods with no refined sugar and flour!