All ingredients we use are thoughtfully there for good reason - they're really tasty as well as being full of good nutrition. Organic ingredients are used as often as possible, and we like to keep things simple - using as few ingredients as necessary. A brief overview of the ingredients we use and why they're good for us: 

ORGANIC OATS : a yummy, filling source of soluble fiber, organic oats are the base of many of our energy bites. Oats also contain a bunch of good things like minerals and antioxidants that help keep your heart healthy.

WALNUTS : these nuts are not only shaped like little brains, they're great food for your brain! They're packed with omega 3's - and actually considered one of the world's healthiest foods!

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ALMONDS : considered the most nutrient dense nut, this power house is full of vitamin E which is great for your skin. We use an almond butter in many products that is made up of 100% almonds - no fillers, no additives.

PEANUTS : helps maintain healthy skin, hair, and muscles, and is a super source of protein! 

SUNFLOWER SEEDS : a great source of Vitamin E which your skin loves, and magnesium which can help keep you feeling calm.

LOCAL IOWA HONEY : using honey that's made from bees that live in the same area as you can help alleviate allergy issues. This all natural sweetener is a great alternative to using white sugar as it won't spike your blood sugar as quick. 

ORGANIC MAPLE SYRUP : full of vitamins and minerals, organic maple syrup adds a rich sweet flavor to our goods.

ORGANIC RASINS : full of fiber, potassium, B vitamins, and iron. 

DARK CHOCOLATE CHIPS : the tastiest of the healthy ingredients, small amounts of dark chocolate can help fight inflammation and lower blood pressure. 

UNSWEETENED COCONUT : this healthy fat is also full of fiber and loads of minerals and helps your brain function at its best. 

COCOA POWDER : full of iron, magnesium, and zinc, it also helps reduce the risk of blood clots and increases blood flow.

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The Cutler Kitchen offers clean, healthy, delicious foods with no refined sugar and flour!